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When it comes to the upkeep of concrete patios, pavements, driveways/floors, parking lots of garage or anything concrete is always insignificant. However, some harmful such as weather, salt,and high traffic weakens the concrete’s look. The concrete exterior becomes unclean and tarnished overtime. Even though concrete is robust and hard, its leaky nature can engross water, chloride and other oil-based fluids, that can stain and make concrete floors crumble over time.

360 Epoxy provides exceptional concrete sealing service for all kinds of concrete. Our teams of professionals are dedicated to giving your concrete flooring a complete transformation. Application of Specialized sealants to the surface of the concrete infiltrate the concrete thereby it becomes an obstruction to avoid fluids and even oil from entering into it. We at 360 Epoxy not only renovate your concrete but we also employ our expertise to improving its lifespan and also maintain the integrity of your concrete in the long term.

360 Epoxy is proficient in installing a wide range of concrete sealer and can describe the right product for any job. We apply the most chemically cutting-edge concrete sealer on the market for each concrete surface.

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