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In a place where the appearance of polished concrete is called for but the current substrate is too damaged or discolored then Polishable Concrete Overlays can be the best bet.

These refined self-leveling structures are what is being used in today’s flooring system and it provides lots of benefits to end customers which includes;

  • A renewedquality wear surface
  • Epoxy bonding for worry-free installation
  • Fast track installs, quick dry times and service turnarounds
  • Options to deal with damaged substrates and challenging locations
  • Numerous design options including colouration and the option to add and expose aggregates
  • Great value compared with terrazzo or other decorative floor materials.

360 Epoxy are experts and an authority in the league of service providers who providePolished Concrete Overlays having accomplished lots of successful jobs over the years. They are well known for exceptional services.

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